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Ray Ban Uk is the world's biggest selling brand of sunglasses, selling over 20 million frames per year.Ray Ban Uk started its massively successful brand over 70 years ago in 1937, when Lieutenant John MacCready returned from a balloon trip to find his eyes had been damaged by the intense sunlight, and decided that he would approach the successful Bausch & Lomb optical manufacturer to come up with a prototype of a well designed, and protective pair of sunglasses.
They came up with a frame that provided excellent vision even in the brightest sunlight, with glass lenses that cut out infrared and ultraviolet rays. The prototype was then adopted by the Air Force and Bausch & Lomb became the Army's supplier throughout the war for protective eyewear.
Over the years many high-class celebrities and icons such as, Audrey Hepburn, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Micheal Jackson and even Barack Obama has worn Ray Ban Uk sunglasses more recently. None of these celebrities have been paid by Ray Ban Uk to wear these sunglasses, they chose to wear Ray Ban Uk off their own back and pay for them out of their own money.Ray Ban Uk as a brand has created an aura of style around their sunglasses that make the icons of the music and film world wear their styles!
The late Michael Jackson throughout his vast musical career wore the iconic-mirrored large aviator Ray Ban Uk 3025. This frame was a trade -mark look for Micheal Jackson and is still available today from Ray Ban Uk.In 2004 Ray Ban Uk became sponsors of the BAR Honda Formula One team. The Ray Ban Uk logo is featured on the helmets of the famous race drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello, providing some high profile advertising for the brand.In was also announced in 2009 that Ray Ban Uk would continue to sponsor the Brawn GP team after the break down of the Honda Racing team.
Members of the Brawn GP racing team all wore sunglasses from the 2009 collection.Ray Ban Uk is constantly inventing new styles for the fashion conscious consumers, however they are also re-inventing the classical styles such as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and the Clubmaster, which were dominant styles in the 1950's, but Ray Ban Uk has once again made them a must-have item for the fashion conscious!The traditional Ray Ban Uk Aviator has always sold well, however the outstanding success of the traditional Wayfarer in 2007/2008, brought Ray Ban Uk's brand back into the limelight with celebrities and the general public going mad for the frame!
This year Ray Ban Uk has done it once again with the new take on the Clubmaster! At first critics said it would never sell as it was an old style and a very strong look, however Ray Ban Uk have proved them wrong with the growing success of this frame.It is set to be massive again for the 2012 season; available in several different colour options you can really tailor the sunglasses to your taste.
To celebrate their 75th anniversary, ray ban uk has launched the Legends Collection. This incorporates the return from the Laramie for women, and retro Aviator, Round, and Meteor designs for your fellas. Accessible with vintage colored lenses, these sunglasses are a blast from your past. Shown over could be the Ray-Ban Meteor that has a Havana frame and blue lenses, and as with all the shades from the Legends Collection - there exists a selection of retro colours for the two the frame and lenses. If you ought to be much more exclusive, there exists also a Johnny Marr restricted edition pair out there within the Ray-Ban Legends Collection to suit your needs collectors around.
We consider intense caution and put a lot of brain storming before deciding what brand to wear, be it undergarments or trouser or T Shirts. And it continues to be observed that in spite of becoming trend aware and acquiring an eye-catching dressing sense in terms of looking after our eyes we have a tendency do grow to be somewhat casual. We do invest in sunglasses and put unique emphasis on getting designer sunglasses. But opting for just any kind of sunglasses be it men's sunglasses or women's sunglasses makes our eyes susceptible to problems arising from usage of cheap high quality designer sunglasses. With the intent to fulfill the urge of seeking trendy and elitist by wearing latest ray ban sunglasses we fall into the trap of shopping for cheap replicas of well-known sunglasses like Ray Ban.
The makes use of of ray bans become a style now. There are several corporations of sunglasses nevertheless Ray-Ban Cockpit Evolution Aviator Sunglasses Palace is highly well known. You will observe that vast majority of the people put on it on their particular occasions. new search discount codes are available and also you could also get london day-to-day offers with 50% discount.
The large tech supplies in lenses of discount Ray-Ban sunglasses for males include the following; polarized, light adaptive, B15 high contrast brown, and G15 neutral gray. The elements have been studied and tested for security, durability and comfort.The only plastic type made available together with the distinctive edition Blue Mirror lenses is Ray Ban Brad RB4170 sunglasses. The rounded lenses are fitted within a gradient red-to-gray frame, that has a double bridge and thin temple items accented with all the Ray Ban logo.Ray Ban glasses make an ideal present for your trendy family and friends members for the duration of the holidays, particularly when they're a collector's item just like the Blue Mirror series!
The 2nd pair out there with Blue Mirror lenses is Ray Ban RB3449 sunglasses in Gold or Black. These double-bridged aviator sunglasses possess a curved reduced bridge, thin metal temples and acetate ear pieces. ray ban 3364 sunglasses really are a comparable style, using a wider lens shape, gold frames and black ear pieces.
The appropriate lens of ones Ray Ban ought to have the RB brand over the hinge. If it is actually in any other location, it is undoubtedly not authentic. Also the rubber inside the frame and earpiece is about the highest excellent and really should really feel chalky to touch. It should certainly not feel sticky or stiff by any indicates.
Ray-Ban polarized lenses consist of excellent crystal or plastic. The lenses assist eliminate glare and deliver clearer and brighter viewing. It has anti-reflective and hydro-oleo phobic coatings. The polarized lenses of discount Ray-Ban sunglasses for males would be the most well-known selling lenses. The light adaptive lenses have large tech material. These lenses turn dark when in direct sunlight and turns clear when indoors.